Accessories You Will Want To Get For Your Tablet

Although tablets are slowly going out of fashion, they still do have their place in the electronics industry. The main reason why tablets aren’t as popular as they were expected to be is because smartphones tend to have all the features that a tablet has, apart from the much larger screen size. Here are some accessories you can get for your tablet to enhance the experience you have with it.

Game controllerOne of the main advantages of a tablet over a smartphone lies in the ability to have a much better gaming experience. There are plenty of game controllers that will support tablets too and just like a, you can attach it to the tablet to use it. Some of these do come with Bluetooth capabilities as well, but this would take away the handheld experience that you would get from using it when it is attached to the tablet. These game controllers aren’t usually very expensive to use, but they may not be compatible with all the games available.

StylusThe stylus is one of the most useful accessories you will want to get for a tablet. A tablet resembles a notepad in a lot of ways, so using a stylus pen, you can take down notes, just as you would with an ordinary notepad. However, not all tablets are compatible with using a stylus pen but there are various other stylus pens that you can use with just about any tablet. Having stylus support, however, would give you a better experience if you need precision such as for creating drawings. It will also allow you to make annotations if you are giving a presentation.

Virtual Reality This is another feature that is best experienced on a tablet. If you own an Android tablet, you could go for google cardboard, which is not all that expensive to buy. Finding one is not too difficult either as it is sold in most phone shops or you could even get one online. However, you may be limited in size options when using this since it may not support the larger sized models. To get the best virtual reality experience, your tablet will need to have a good display quality and resolution. Audio quality will also play a part for some virtual reality experiences.

These are just three of the accessories that you can get for your tablet. These accessories aren’t very expensive to purchase generally, but the prices may vary depending on the brand and quality of the product that you are going to be using. VRViewer-VR6-4

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What Should You Need To Know About Using Drones?

The film making industry has been experiencing rapid changes in recent years, with the advancement of technology. Drones are changing the face of the film industry by allowing viewers a superior quality cinematic experience. There is nothing like having your own drone and if you are into the film making, the utility of drones are undoubtedly commendable. Investing in a drone could fetch really great returns and in this respect it is critical to understand the different types of drones. Also, a good knowledge of how to be able to use it should come really handy. Here are a few things that you might want to consider before making a film out of the drone that you have purchased.

Is it your first time fly?

If it is the first time that you are flying your drone then ensure that you practice it far from the reach of people, buildings and cars. At the crux of it, it is simply more and more practice that would get you going. Some of the drones, such as the DJI inspire 1 pro black, comes with excellent features and are really easy to fly.

Equip your camera on the drone properly

Once you explore more about the drones and adjust your camera settings, you would be in a better position to understand with experience how the landscapes are changing. The more you spend time on flying the drone and adjusting your camera lenses, it gives a better idea of the technology and helps to take that perfect picture that you were looking for. Drones, such as the gopro hero 4 black, are among the many with a really good camera.

Be vigilant of the rules before flying

There are certain laws which do not allow you to fly a drone in some regions. It is a good idea to know about the norms and the rules of the place where you are planning to fly your drone.

Never fly your drone too high

If you are flying your drone above 400 feet, you might risk it crashing into a plane. It is not a good idea to fly your drone in crowded places.

Plan your drone flight effectively

Drones being battery charged most often have limited flying duration capabilities of nearly 15 minutes. It is better to plan the flight schedule so as to maximize the usage of the battery because in this case even the stand by time counts.

Always check the weather conditions

It is always a safe thing to check the weather before flying the drone. If weather conditions are extreme, you might want to wait till it calms down and then fly your drone.

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